Abba Yusuf gets 72hrs ultimatum to stop demolition in Kano

A pro-democracy group on the platform of Good Governance and Change Initiative (GGCI) has given the Kano state governor, Abba Yusuf a 72-hour ultimatum to stop the ongoing demolition and invite the affected investors and individuals for amicable resolution.

The group threatened to sue the governor if nothing is done at the expiration of the ultimatum.

Addressing a press conference Tuesday in Abuja, National Coordinator of the group, Comrade Okpokwu Ogenyi, expressed disappointment in the current leadership of the New Nigeria Peoples Party (NNPP) in Kano state, wondering how a government assumed office within a week and embark on demolition without properly study the handover note by his predecessor.

According to Ogenyi, Governor Abba Yusuf ordered demolition of a three storey Plaza consisting of ninety shops, the five star Daula Hotel almost completed with ninety rooms worth over 10 billion Naria, among others within his three weeks in office.

While describing the development as “inhuman activity”, Ogenyi said “thousands of people have been displaced with the government paying no attention to the suffering of the people. In fact, the government has vow to cause more harm to the people by continuing the demolition exercise.

“We have watched with keen interest, the level of destruction done in Kano metropolis including the lost of over twenty lives of innocent Nigerians who died during the process of the unlawful demolition of property in the state. The government claimed that, two persons died but our team members who were in Kano said over twenty persons have died which is a serious concern for the human rights community.

“The last three weeks has become a hell in Kano State with a cry in almost every home within the metropolis. Governor Abba Yusuf has become a shadow of good governance, even his supporters are no longer proud of him because of his inhuman action against the people of Kano State.

“How can a Governor of less than a week old demolished property worth over two hundred and six billion naira without studying the process talk more of compensation of the property owners. The Government claimed that, the previous administration allocated government lands to individuals and corporate bodies, is it not the responsibility of government to allocate lands? The land use act says individual own no land, all land belong to government. What is the offence of the citizens who genuinely acquired land from the government.

“If it is true that the previous administration of Kano State illegally allocated these plots, why not call the immediate past Governor, Abdullahi Ganduje to answer questions and if possible charge him to Court instead of destroying property Built by innocent Nigerians who applied for land and were allocated same by the state government. Is government no longer a continuous process? Most of these individuals got loans and invested it in Kano only to face this kind of devastating situation. How do you expect them to survive?

“We believed that the situation in Kano if not called to order is capable of causing unrest which may affect the whole Country. Something must be done urgently to stop this madness.”

While giving the Kano state government 72 hours to resolve the crisis, the group also called on President Bola Tinubu to intervene and call Abba Yusuf to order.

“We call on President Bola Ahmed Tinubu to quickly intervene and call Governor Abba Yusuf to order to stop further illegal demolition of property leading to lost of lives in the state.

“We also call on the International Community to come to the aid of the people and investors in Kano State by prevailing on Governor Abba Yusuf to stop the demolition forthwith. Mr Kwankwaso who is the leader of the Governor is silent over the inhuman activities currently ongoing in Kano State, a bad signal that he is also part of the demolition plot, if he is not, we call on him to exonerate himself by joining religious leaders and other prominent Nigerians in condemning the evil act.

“We are making this appeal in the National Interest because we know the implications of any possible crisis in Kano state being the most populous state in Nigeria. If misgovernance of Governor Abba Yusuf leads to crisis in Kano state (God forbid) it will affect negatively the whole of Nigeria. That’s why we are calling for voices of reasoning now, not only to call Governor Abba Yusuf to order but to prevail on him to quickly reverse his actions by calling all the affected persons to a roundtable for amicable resolutions.

“We hereby give Governor Yusuf seventy-two hours ultimatum to retract himself and stop the ongoing demolition, call the affected persons and group for proper compensation or face legal action.”

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