Burna Boy donates briefcase full of cash to singer Tony Tetuila

Veteran Nigerian singer Tony Tetuila has received a suitcase of cash after meeting Burna Boy, the self-proclaimed African Giant, at a prominent nightclub.

The two musicians had an accidental meeting recently at a bustling hotspot in Lagos, when Burna Boy reportedly gave Tetuila millions of naira.

In a video circulated online, Tetuila was captured on stage, performing one of his hit singles, ‘E Go Better,’ surrounded by a scatter of $100 bills intermixed with bundles of N500 notes.

Amidst his performance, Tetuila momentarily paused the show to acknowledge the presence of Burna Boy, showering him with accolades as the “Giant of Africa,” much to the delight of the audience.

Impressed by Tetuila’s acknowledgement, Burna Boy reciprocated the gesture by rising from his seat, a subtle nod of gratitude to the veteran singer.

Following the exchange of mutual respect, Burna Boy took the gesture a step further by dispatching a custom-designed briefcase, brimming with bundles of N500 notes, symbolising his appreciation for Tetuila’s homage.

Tony Tetuila had in February, this year, hinted at working with Afrobeats star, Burna Boy, on the remix of his hit song, My Car.

‘My Car’ was a hit song released by Tetuila in 2001. The song went on to make waves nationwide.

In an interview with Daddy Freeze, Tetuila said he would like to feature the Grammy-winning singer on the remix of the hit song.

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