Calabar residents panic as Gov Otu demolishes historic Monolith sculpture

The recent demolition of the iconic Monoliths sculpture at Zone 6 roundabout in Calabar has left residents and art enthusiasts in shock and disbelief.

The sculpture, which stood as a symbol of Calabar’s cosmopolitan identity and rich heritage, was designed and built by the late Pastor Anthony Akinbola, a renowned Nigerian artist who has many works in other cities in Nigeria and has done exhibitions even in the United States.

For many, the Monoliths roundabout was more than just a piece of art; it was a testament to Calabar’s status as a center of unity for Cross River State.

The sculpture celebrated the world-famous Monoliths found in Alok and other northern parts, showcasing Africa’s ancient civilization and cultural legacy.

The demolition of the Monoliths sculpture has sparked outrage and sadness among residents, who see it as the loss of a cultural landmark and a piece of their identity.
It’s a tragedy that such a precious work of art has been destroyed,” lamented one resident. “The Monoliths roundabout was more than just a sculpture; it was a symbol of our history, unity and heritage.

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