Drama as Minister, Dave Umahi walks out on journalists in Abuja

On Tuesday, Minister of Works David Umahi walked out on journalists covering the Works Ministry’s activities in Abuja.

Umahi quickly left the ministry’s conference room, where the correspondents were gathered, claiming that the press did not exist.

The invited journalists, who had been waiting for over 50 minutes, were taken aback by the minister’s sudden departure

The invited reporters received the press invite two hours before the event.

Umahi arrived at 2:50 pm and after reciting the national anthem and pledge, quickly ended the meeting, saying, “There is no press here. The press conference is not held again. When the press is ready.

“The permanent secretary and other directors should follow me to my office. The press is not existent.”

Invited reporters present at the event included those from The Nation, The Guardian, Vanguard, Blueprint, Arise TV, Channels TV and NTA, among others.

Umahi, accompanied by other directors, departed from the conference hall to his office without offering further explanations or an apology.

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