Drama as witness slum, dies in court in Akure

An unidentified septuagenarian collapsed and died during an Ondo State High Court hearing in Oka, Ondo.

The event happened before the court hearings began.

Witnesses stated that the deceased went there to testify as a witness in a case involving his friend.

A court staff, speaking anonymously, said that the septuagenarian collapsed suddenly without any apparent interaction or collision with anyone or anything.

He said: “The man was in court with his friend and suddenly, he stood up where he was seated and fell down, hitting his head on the tiles and he passed on.

“He didn’t look like someone who was sick and he did not collide with anything or anybody that we may say is the cause of his death.”

Another witness, Tunde Ariyo, said policemen from the Enu-Owa police division were called in to take the deceased to the mortuary.

Police sources at the Enu-Owa Police Division confirmed the incident and said the case has been transferred to the homicide section of the police headquarters in Akure.

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