Gov. Prince Otu bans commercial motorcycles in Calabar

Governor of Cross River State, Senator Bassey Otu, has proclaimed an immediate ban on all commercial motorbike use in the Calabar Metropolitan Area.

This information was released in a statement on Wednesday by the Governor’s Chief Press Secretary, Emmanuel Ogbeche, who claimed that the ban came after proper talks with the state’s security authorities.

The statement claims that the only places where people who want to utilize their bicycles to make a reasonable living can do so are outlying districts far from the city center.

The state government has issued a warning against the destruction of public property, such as streetlights, lampposts, and traffic lights, asking thieves to stop immediately in order to avoid facing the full force of the law.

“The Governor, Senator Bassey Out, after due consultation with key security chiefs in the state has directed a total ban on the activities of all commercial motorcycles within the Calabar Metropolis,” the statement read.

“Those willing to use their motorcycles to earn a decent living are restricted only to remote areas away from the city centre.”

The state government issued a warning, stating that anyone found breaking the rule will have their motorcycle seized and face legal consequences.

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