Governor Ahmad Aliyu disguises, rides Keke to inspect public hospital

The governor of Sokoto, Ahmad Aliyu, visited the State Specialist Hospital while disguising to evaluate the standard of care given to patients.

In a statement on Monday, the governor’s press secretary, Abubakar Bawa, said the governor had decided to pay a surprise visit to the institution in response to a number of complaints from Sokoto citizens about subpar service.

In addition, the statement listed other issues that compelled the governor to visit the hospital, including crumbling buildings, inconsistent power, a staffing deficit, and a lack of functional medical equipment.

In order to speak with hospital staff directly, the governor rode a tricycle to the facility.

It gave me the chance to observe things for myself, and I was astonished by what I saw during my four-hour visit to the hospital, said Mr. Aliyu.

Patients and their loved ones are put in all kinds of dangerous circumstances because of the medical facility’s filthy surroundings and broken equipment.

The governor of Sokoto said, “Due to the unstable electrical supply in the hospital, patient family only rely on their own personal alternative source of power. I have thus asked the hospital’s administration to meet with me to discuss the problem in more detail.

The hospital’s bad condition may not be unrelated to previous administrations’ unwillingness to release the monthly appropriations owed to the facility.

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