How Nollywood Producers killed Junior Pope – Actor Frank Tana makes shocking revelation

Actor Frank Tana of Nollywood has revealed some startling information regarding Junior Pope’s demise.

Taking to Instagram, he disclosed that while he is not a fan of coming on social media to speak, he felt compelled to do so since the untimely passing of his colleague, Junior Pope.

He expressed that Junior Pope’s death was more than just a boat capsizing as he revealed that there was an ontology to it. He expressed how Junior Pope had died many years ago because major producers did not want to cast him in movies.

He spoke on how Junior Pope was struggling to survive and that he was always hustling outside Enugu, Oweri, and Lagos to work and to put food on his table.

He further expressed how Junior Pope was a hustler and that Nollywood producers had not given him a job, which had made him accept any job offer, hence why he had decided to go on a boat trip in Anam.

In his words, he had this to say,

“Hi friends. I hardly speak. I hardly come to social media to talk. But this time around What k!IlEd Junior Pope? It’s not even the boat capside or something, no. That is not the ontological of his death. Junior Pope dled many years ago. Junior Pope was k!llEd by our producers. Yes, the major producers killed Junior Pope. The cartel, they k!lled Junior Pope. I am saying this because nobody is feeding me and nobody can feed me. I’m already made and I’m made for life. I am bigger than all of them. Bigger, far bigger than all of them. People that know me, we testify to that. Our producers k!Iled Junior Pope. How did they k!!! him?

Let me tell you. Less than. When I came to Nollywood, when I saw Junior Pope, the way people outside see him is not the way he is in Nollywood.

Junior Pope was struggling to survive. Yes, our producers, they blacklisted him and so many others.

Junior Pope don’t see work in Asaba. He hustles outside, Enugu, Owerri, Lagos to work, to put food on his table. Most people, if not for E money, Emoney bought him his car. Junior Poop was driving one jalupi car like that when I came to Asaba. Emoney bought him a car, a good car, the one that he’s using now for the past four years now, if I’m not mistaken.

Junior Pope is a hustler. Everybody shouting, Adanma luke, Adanma Luke, Adanma Luke k!|lEd Junior Pope. How? Are you people giving him job?

Nobody’s giving him job. That’s why he’s going to Anam to shoot. Because if Junior Pope is busy, like every other artist here in Asaba, what will he be doing in Anam? Even just like me, I can’t go to Anam for one billion. Why? How? Even with the life jackets.”

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