In Madonna university, girls graduate as virgins – founder claims (video)

Fr. Prof. Emmanuel Edeh, the founder of Madonna University, has claimed that the institution’s females graduate as virgins.

Edeh’s assertion triggered a rush of responses from social media users.

He spoke during a speech on the university’s rules on Wednesday, March 20.

In the now-viral video shared by Channels Television on Wednesday, Edeh boasted that many persons abroad looking for virgins to marry come to Madonna University because they know that’s where they find them.

He said: “It is only in this university that is clearly maintained that girls who have entered the university as virgins graduate as virgins. You can enter our university as virgins and graduate as virgins

“Tell me any other university in the whole world that can maintain this. That is why people from London, America, England, Germany, when you meet them, they will say Father, we want to marry a girl who is a virgin. And they don’t tend to get that until they come to Madonna University. “

Speaking on the high degree of morals and discipline in which the school operates, Edeh also said students who do not meet the 85 percent attendance are not allowed to sit for examinations, and lecturers who fail to meet 100 percent attendance are sanctioned.

He also said all the students of the school live on their campuses as they are not allowed to live off-campus for effective monitoring, adding that the school does not discriminate in its admission procedures.

“Although we have students from all walks of life across the religious and social lines. So, we don’t discriminate, we give all…we follow our Catholic methods. Madonna University is unique in its following way – high morals and discipline. Madonna is known for its high morals and discipline thus in academics,” Edeh said.


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