Kano Hisbah police nabs 20 males and females for bathing together

Hisbah, the Islamic police in Kano State, has reported that its operatives detained 20 residents of the state, both male and female, for bathing together.

According to the Kano Hisbah Board, men from Operation Kau Da Badala arrested the suspects at a recreation centre on Ring Road in Kano, the state capital, after receiving complaints from local residents.

This Media reports that the Deputy Commandant General of the board, Dr. Mujahidin Aminuddin Abubakar, said that the offence contravened the Hisbah law.

According to Abubakar, Hisbah law forbids men from mingling together with the opposite gender inside water to bathe.

Expressing concern over the act, which according to him, could have been replaced with a more beneficial activity that would fetch them rewards from the Almighty, Abubakar said that upon completion of investigation, the arrested persons would be punished accordingly.

He called on parents and guardians to keep a close eye on their children’s movements.

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