Teenage US rapper mistakenly shoots self to dead while shooting social media video (photo)

Police have confirmed the death of Rylo Huncho, an adolescent rapper discovered at his home in Suffolk, Virginia.

According to officials, the teenager died from a “accidental self-inflicted gunshot wound” to the head.

Though police did not identify Huncho in their announcement, the rapper’s family have since shared news of his death in a GoFundMe page set up to support his mother.

His real name is Raleigh, according to The Direct.

“Hello, my aunt recently lost her 17 year old son from a self-inflicted gun wound to the head. He was her only son ! She was a single parent but took care of her son the best she could,” the fundraising page, which features an image of Huncho, reads.

The page added that the family are “still trying to figure out” the circumstances surrounding Huncho’s death, but added: “Anything I mean anything can help her at this time of need.”

“He was her only child she was also an only child it was always her and her son. Anything can help! Please keep my family in your prayers thank you so much.”

Footage shared on social media in the wake of the rappers’ death showed him dancing around his room and singing into a camera while holding a pistol for a video on his Instagram Stories.

At some point during his routine, Huncho is believed to have turned off the gun’s safety switch.

The teenager died after a shot rang out from the gun.

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