Viral video shows moment Police officer wrestled for steering with taxi driver, netizens reacts

A viral video shows a police officer fighting for control of a taxi’s steering wheel as the car is driving.

Light Orji posted a Snapchat video of the police squeezing the cabbie’s neck.

The lady who leaped from the vehicle described her encounter as terrible.

A video circulating online shows a disturbing incident between a police officer and a taxi driver, in which the officer appears to wrestle for control of the steering wheel while the vehicle is in motion.

The footage, uploaded on Snapchat user Light Orji, shows the police squeezing the driver’s neck, apparently to prevent his escape.

However, the exact location and circumstances of the confrontation are unknown.

Orji claims she was forced to leap from the moving van after her requests for the police to stop were ignored.

She recounted her ordeal in the caption accompanying the video:

“Had the most traumatic experience today, literally had to jump off the vehicle, stupid police man was strangling my uber guy while he was driving on full speed.”

See video below:

In response to the video, Prince Olumuyiwa, the spokesperson for the Nigerian Police Force, addressed the incident.

He posted on X, calling upon the police complaint response unit to launch a thorough investigation into the matter.

See below:


Reactions on X:

FS Yusuf wrote;

You are asking an Antelope running for safety from a lion, why it’s getting the lion to keep chasing after it?


Omolomo wrote;

Tbh, the driver was at fault by going the wrong direction, no argument on that and that’s where professionalism by the police comes in.

What happens to calling your patrol van for backup so they can cross you and handle things professionally.

If you want the Uber driver details meet @PoliceNG complain handle, it’s all with them. Thanks


Ayo wrote;

“Abduct” as in, the driver bundled the Policeman inside his car and started driving off? Anyway sha, thank God the officer’s actions did not kill all of them.


Enoch wrote;

No one is saying the driver is right for trying to drive away with the police, but the police man risking the life of that innocent woman is reckless and condemnable. If for anything, he should have maintained orderliness and called his station for that lady and even for his own sake.

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