Access Bank caused my daughter’s dead – Father lament after mobile app malfunction

In a tragic turn of events, a Nigerian father laments the death of his daughter, 9, which he said was purportedly caused by the Access Bank mobile app not opening.

The tragic incident, which was reported by a social media user with the name PIDOMNIGERIA, highlighted the disastrous results of technology malfunctions at crucial times.

According to the distraught father, whose identity remained undisclosed, the inability to transfer funds using the Access Bank mobile app directly contributed to his daughter’s demise. The child, who was in urgent need of medical attention, was admitted to an emergency unit at a local hospital. Tragically, she was left unattended as her parent grappled with the financial constraints imposed by the malfunctioning app.

The father, described as a single dad working offshore, recounted his harrowing experience, stating, “Failure of Access Bank @myaccessbank app to function since yesterday has caused him to lose his 9-year-old daughter in a medical emergency.” His anguish and frustration were palpable, echoing the sentiments of many who have faced similar challenges with the bank’s app reliability.

Expressing his grief, the father lamented the recurrent issues plaguing the Access Bank mobile app, condemning the institution’s lack of accountability and explanation for the frequent disruptions. “Access Bank is a complete shit bank. They always have issues with their bank app without any explanation every now and then,” he asserted.

As the family mourns the loss of their beloved daughter, questions linger about the accountability of financial institutions in ensuring the seamless functioning of essential services, especially during emergencies.

Access Bank was yet to respond to the allegations or provide clarification regarding the reported app malfunction at press time, meanwhile, the grieving father and his family grapple with the devastating aftermath of this preventable tragedy.

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