BREAKING: Movie Producer Adanma finally speaks on Junior Pope’s death

Recall that the deceased movie star died during a tragic marine accident while transporting to Adanma's movie location

At last, Adanma Luke, the Nollywood producer responsible for the movie set where four other crew members and well-known actor Pope Obumneme Odonwodo, often known as Junior Pope, perished, has come out.

In a video shared on her Instagram page, she stated that, contrary to popular belief, she had provided life jackets for them. She added that the sad situation still feels like a dream, and she wished she remained in Lagos to shoot her movie.

She revealed that the order had left her traumatised, and disclosed that she was meant to be on the boat with them alongside her brother’s two children.

The distressed filmmaker further revealed that this was her first time working with the deceased star despite the closeness they share.

Adanma, however, disclosed that Pope’s wife, who was also her friend, encouraged her to work with her husband.

She said in part:

“This is my first time filming with JP. He is my friend, and the wife is my friend too. I talked with the wife sometime… then she said, ‘Ada you be my friends why you no dey give my husband role?'”


Watch the video below:


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