Breaking: Tinubu to embark on first official trip

Nigerian President Bola Tinubu is set to make his first official trip as president.

According to report Mr President will be attending the Global Financing Pact Summit in Paris, France, next week.

President Tinubu’s visit will provide many opportunity for him to consult with his team of medical professionals.

While there are speculations that the purpose of the trip is related to the president’s health, these claims have not been officially substantiated.

“This upcoming trip to Paris, France, marks President Tinubu’s first official journey outside Nigeria since assuming office. It also presents an occasion for him to attend the Global Financing Pact Summit.

A source further added, “The trip serves a dual purpose, as it also enables the president to address any health concerns. It can be seen as a strategic move to seek medical attention.”

Until an official confirmation is made, the reports regarding the president’s medical treatment in France remain unverified.

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