Federal Fire Service ranks and salary structure, 2024

In this post, Platinum Times Nigeria will work you through the ranks and salary structure of the Federal Fire Service (FFS).

The Federal Fire Service (FFS) is a Paramilitary agency in Nigeria which is responsible for firefighting and rescue services across the country.

The agency operates under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Interior.

Its main functions includes responding to fire emergencies, natural disasters, conducting fire safety inspections, educating the public on fire prevention measures, and training firefighters.

The Federal Fire Service is found in different locations and cities across the country and it is well equipped with modern firefighting equipments and vehicles to effectively respond to emergencies.

Federal Fire Service Ranks

In the fire service, ranks are classified according to qualifications and years of service being that it is also part of the Nigerian Paramilitary organizations.

The ranks of the FFS are listed below beginning from the highest ranking officers to the least.

Chief Inspector

Deputy Chief

Assistant Chief Inspectors

Principal marshal

Senior Marshal Inspectors

Marshal Inspectors I

Marshal Inspectors II

Marshal Inspectors III

Chief Fire Marshal Assistants

Deputy Fire Marshal Assistants

Senior Fire Marshal Assistants

Fire Marshal Assistants I

Fire Marshal Assistants II

Fire Marshal Assistants III

Federal Fire Service Salary

The Federal Fire Service use the Consolidated Para-Military Salary Structure (CONPASS), a unified salary scale for paramilitary units.

Their salaries are paid based on the ranks and qualifications, the higher your qualification and years of service, that’s the same way your salary will be paid.

Below is an a breakdown of the salaries received by the FFS officers on a monthly basis starting from the high ranking officers to the least.

Chief Inspectors:  ₦1,405,497

Deputy Chief Inspectors: ₦1,225,237

Assistant Chief Inspectors: ₦1,152,037

Principal marshal Inspectors:  ₦943,537

Senior Marshal Inspectors: ₦758,417

Marshal Inspectors I:  ₦350,847

Marshal Inspectors II:  ₦280,387

Marshal Inspectors III: ₦230,447

Chief Fire Marshal Assistants:  ₦200,767

Deputy Fire Marshal Assistants:  ₦180,047

Senior Fire Marshal Assistants: ₦120,427

Fire Marshal Assistants I: ₦100,587

Fire Marshal Assistants II: ₦85,747

Fire Marshal Assistants III: ₦70,577

The staff of  the Fire Service are also entitled to basic allowances and benefits aside from their monthly pay, these benefits includes;

Medical allowance

Risk allowance

Transport allowance

Housing allowance

Uniform allowance

Fire Service training allowance

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