Ibadan chef Temitope Adebayo plans a 140-hour cook-a-thon

Temitope Adebayo, an Ibadan-based chef, has announced that he plans to take part in a 140-hour cook-a-thon in an effort to beat the record for the longest cooking session.

The chef declared his plans to replace both Chef Hilda Baci, who just completed a 100-hour cook-a-thon, and Chef Dammy, who is striving to complete a 120-hour cook-a-thon.

The chef also submitted pictures of his registration for the Guinness World Record as well as the confirmation email he had received.

His 140-hour cook-off was supposed to take place in Ibadan, Oyo state, on November 1, 2023, according to the pictures.

Look below for his confirmation email.

In related news, while attempting to break her 100-hour Guinness World Record, celebrity chef Hilda Baci contacted Chef Dammy, a fellow professional chef.

The Ekiti Chef has since received support from Hilda Baci in the wake of the uproar surrounding her endeavor, complimenting her unwavering spirit.

She wrote on the microblogging website Twitter;

“The beauty of dreams is that they are unique to each individual. Dami, your boldness to take on a cooking challenge shows that passion knows no limits. Embrace the journey, learn from every experience, and inspire others with your unwavering spirit. #DreamsUnleashed”

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