It is too early for Nigerians to criticize Tinubu’s government – Jide Kosoko

Veteran actor Jide Kosoko has stated that it is too early for Nigerians to criticize President Bola Tinubu’s administration.

He stated, “It is senseless if they (Nigerians) start comparing government that is less than one month with the previous one,” in an interview with Sunday Scoop.

In fact, it seems so absurd, but I can only say that this government has got off to a great start and that I have no doubts about their intentions. I am familiar with Tinubu as a high achiever and a drama queen. He is here to improve Nigerians’ quality of life.

Despite claims to the contrary, Kosoko thinks that the film industry accomplishes more than simply providing people with amusement.

In my line of work, social monitoring is our main goal, he stated. In an effort to understand all sides and pass all required information and regulations, we try to reflect society. It is also a part of our duty to consider social concerns from the perspective of the author.

“We might not use some of our goods in the most effective ways, but it is a distracting opinion. Most of the time, no production will not be in some people’s favor while some others may feel otherwise about it.

He also discussed the significance of preserving our traditions and culture. “There are many other factors that we can attribute to that when we say we are deviating from our culture, such as the non-promotion of our languages,” he remarked. This is due to the fact that we only really tend to preserve our culture when we actively promote our languages.

“Many individuals are so focused on using English grammar. When discussing culture, there are some topics we simply cannot discuss in English. The current form of western democracy is still not ideal for Africans. There is a method we can create our democracy with the resources we have.

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