Nigerian Correctional Service ranks and salary structure, 2024

In this post, Platinum Times Nigeria will work you through the ranks and salary structure of the Nigerian Correctional Service (NCS).

The Nigerian Correctional Service, also known as the Nigerian Prison Service is a government body that is solely responsible for overseeing the affairs of prisoners and the country’s prisons.

It is also saddled with the responsibility of  rehabilitating prisoners and preparing them for a better life in the society after their release.

It was established in 1992 by Decree No. 45 of 1992 and began operatinh in 1993.

It has both federal and state prisons under its control, as well as a number of staff and officers to manage them.

Nigerian Correctional Service Ranks

The Nigerian Correctional Service has different ranks, from officer to superintendent based on their academic qualifications and years of experience.

The ranks includes;

Comptroller General of Prison (CGP)

Deputy Comptroller General of Prison (DCGP)

Assistant Comptroller General of Prison (ACGP)

Comptroller of Prison (CP)

Deputy Comptroller of Prison (DCP)

Assistant Superintendent of Prison (ASPI&II)

Senior Inspector of Prison (SIP)

Inspector of Prison (IP)

Prison Assistant (PAI)

Nigerian Correctional Service Salary

Salaries in the Nigerian Correctional Service are determined by rank, qualifications and years of service.

The annual salary received by each staff of the NCS is listed below starting from the junior officers who are paid least.

Prison Assistant (PAI): N296,406 to N374,289

Inspector of Prison (IP): N357,395 to N411,494

Senior Inspector of Prison (SIP): N483,914 to N567,965

Assistant Superintendent of Prison (ASPII): N898,956 to N986,901

Assistant Superintendent of Prison (ASPI): N939,390 to N1,056,496

Deputy Superintendent of Prison (DSP): N1,012,592 to N1,143,599

Superintendent of Prison (SP): N1,094,097 to N1,252,098

Chief Superintendent of Prison (CSP): N1,158,172 to N1,325,234

Assistant Comptroller of Prison (ACP): N1,225,594 to N1,405,499

Deputy Comptroller of Prison (DCP): N1,619,497 to N1,825,599

Comptroller of Prison (CP): N1,759,991 to N1,966,291

Assistant Comptroller General of Prison (ACGP): N2,272,298 to N2,464,590

Deputy Comptroller General of Prison (DCGP): still in view

Comptroller General of Prison (CGP): still in view.

Correctional Officers also receive allowances and benefits alongside their monthly pay.

These allowances includes;

Housing allowance

Medical allowance

Transportation allowance

Uniform allowance

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