Ondo APC ward leader beats female Commissioner to stupor over palliatives (video)

Over the weekend, the chairman of the All Progressives Congress (APC) in Ward 1 of Ondo State’s Akoko North-West Local Government Area, Olumide Awolumate, popularly known as Cuba, engaged in a fisticuff with the state’s Commissioner for Women Affairs and Social Development, Olubunmi Osadahun.

The altercation, which allegedly evolved into a physical assault, was allegedly caused by a disagreement over the distribution of palliatives in the region.

The incident occurred at the home of the APC ward chairman.

During the fisticuffs, Awolumate used a plastic chair to attack the commissioner, according to a video that has now gone viral.

The ferocity of the physical confrontation stunned observers, and the footage went viral on social media sites.

Following the occurrence, there has been significant condemnation from a variety of sources, with requests for a thorough inquiry.

Concerned people and political watchers have urged the APC leadership in Ondo State to act quickly and decisively to address the situation and hold those implicated accountable for their conduct.

The APC ward chairman stated his version of the story as follows:

“I was assaulted in my house by the power-drunk Commissioner for Women Affairs with her son in the presence of a police officer.

“I was in my house playing Ludo. All of a sudden, she came in the company of her son, another man, and a police officer. When they got to me, the police officer said I was needed at the station at Oke-Agbe. Before I could respond, the Commissioner’s son jumped at me and started fighting me. He even tore my clothes.

“His mother (the commissioner) joined him to beat me. All this happened in the presence of the police officer that they came with.”

The commissioner, however, could not be reached for her version of the incident. She was reportedly admitted and was receiving treatment in an undisclosed hospital.

Watch video;

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