One year in office: Tinubu has done very well – Wike

Minister of the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), Nyesom Wike, has praised President Bola Tinubu as an achiever.

Wike stated on Monday, May 27, after reviewing the Abuja Light Rail ahead of the start of commercial operations to honour Tinubu’s one-year tenure.

He said the president has performed well considering his stay in office.

Wike said the president is committed to the dividends of democracy, adding that he has renewed the hope of Nigerians.

The minister urged Nigerians to continue to support Tinubu’s administration for optimum delivery.

He said: “We are happy now. All our efforts have come to reality. Abuja residents are very happy. At the end of the day the Abuja Metro Station is available for Nigerians.

“For us at FCTA we are very happy that it is no longer a story, it is reality. It is a promise made and a promise fulfilled. Taken from the FCTA perspective, Mr. President has done very well. That is just the fiscal infrastructure and the human capital development.

“Nothing in this world can make you not get to your career progression. I’m sure the civil servants in FCT are happy that their hope has been rekindled, their hope has been brought back and that is what everybody wants. Mr. President has done very well. He has reassured Nigerians that he is committed to delivering the dividends of democracy.

“There are some areas we have to still look into but one year is not enough for you to really expect 100 percent. But for what you have seen on the ground, there is hope for Nigerians”.

The commissioning of multiple projects across the FCT will commence on Tuesday, May 28, with the Commissioning of the Southern Parkway from Christian Center to Ring Road 1, On the bridge of the Southern Parkway/Muhammadu Buhari Way, at 1:00 pm.

May 29 would be the flag-off of the commercial operation of the Abuja Light Rail

Abuja Metro Station, by 2:00 pm

May 30, Provision of engineering infrastructure to Wuye District, on the Wuye Bridge, by 11:00 am.

May 31, Extension of the Inner Southern Expressway (ISEX) from the Outer Southern Expressway (OSEX) ISEX/OSEX Bridge, by 10:00 am.

June 1, full scope development of Arterial Road N20 from Northern Parkway to Outer Northern Expressway (ONEX) Murtala Mohammed Expressway Bridge, by 10:00 am.

June 3, Commissioning of Roads B6, B12, and Circle Road in Central Area

On Road B12 (Independence Avenue), by 10:00 am.

June 4, Commissioning of the expansion of the Outer Southern Expressway from Villa Roundabout to OSEX/Ring Road 1 junction Muhammadou Issoufou Expressway, by 10:00 am.

June 5, Provision of engineering infrastructure to Guzape District Lot II Road M18, by 10:00 am.

June 6, Commissioning of the Vice President’s Residence Car Park of the new VP Residence, by 10:00 am.

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