TapSwap, reason why Nigerians are tapping phone screens

In this piece, Platinum Times Nigeria critically explores the reason why Nigerians are tapping their phone screens in recent times.

A new crypto-mining project called TapSwap, a Telegram- based game that holds great potential for financial gains, has created a stir in the Nigerian internet community.

This project allows users to mine Tap tokens through a fun and game-like interface.

TapSwap has its headquarters in Solana, California and it claims to have low fees, high exchange rates and interesting features like margin trading and staking, according to its official Twitter account.

Tapswap has become a popular game on Telegram that involves mining cryptocurrency, Nigerians play it eagerly to earn money by tapping their phones.

The game makes cryptocurrency mining less technical and more enjoyable by giving contributors the chance to earn Tap tokens by interacting with the Tapswap Telegram bot in a fun and game-like manner.

Tapswap Coin Mining; 

Tapswap coin mining is the series of activities users engage in to be eligible to earn tokens which they can now in turn exchange for Tapswap tokens on the Solana blockchain.

As part of the mining process, users interact with the Tapswap Telegram bot by tapping on its interface frequently, earning points that are used to rank users according to how many taps they have made.

It is an interesting and different kind of cryptocurrency mining that does not require expensive or complex gear or technical expertise.

How it works;


With this feature, users can mine coins by tapping the appropriate icon located in the center of the Telegram Tapswap bot.


Participants can climb the ranks, earning more coins and outperforming others in leagues.


To increase coin earnings, boosters can be unlocked and tasks must be completed.


By inviting other users, users can earn bonuses and aid friends in moving up the leagues for bigger coin rewards.


The objective is to collect as many coins as possible and exchange them for Taps tokens on the Solana blockchain.

How To Start 

Install the Telegram messaging app on your mobile device.

Click on the link to activate the Tapswap Telegram Bot.

Tapping your screen will allow you to interact with the Tapswap Telegram Bot by following the instructions.

Based on how many taps you get, the number of points you receive will be used to calculate your level and ranking in the players’ league.

It is basically a tap-to-earn process, no stress and extra tasks attached.

The taps token accumulates according to how you can tap.

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