ECOWAS Invasion: Niger Military deploy troops to neighboring borders (video)

According to a video that has surfaced, the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS), which is preparing to launch a military intervention, the coup leaders in the Niger Republic have begun stationing troops along the country’s border with Benin, one of its neighbors.

Zagazola Makama, a security analyst and counterinsurgency specialist in Lake Chad, revealed the discovery.

According to Platinum Times, ECOWAS threatened to take probable military action against the Nigeran junta that had taken control and suspended the constitution.

The Republic of Niger’s constitutional order was restored by the standby force of ECOWAS last month.

The directive was issued in response to ECOWAS’s decision about the coup in Niger during its emergency meeting in Abuja.

The army of the regional group has not yet entered Niger, though.

On Monday, Makama shared a video on his social media channel X that showed the Nigeritian military deploying near the Beninese border in anticipation of an ECOWAS military intervention.

“Niger deploys Military to the Niger- Beninese Border amidst eminent Military intervention plans of ECOWAS,” he wrote.

Platinum Times sighted the video showing movement of military vehicles in a convoy as they were being hailed by the people.


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